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Vivienne Balonwu on February 13th, 2013

What Is Pneumonia? Pneumonia causes inflammation of one or both lungs in the chest, usually due to infection. It causes disruption of the normal process of gas exchange, where oxygen is taken into the body and the waste product carbon dioxide removed. This causes interruption of oxygen supply to the tissues which is potentially fatal, […]

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Vivienne Balonwu on December 9th, 2012

What Is Smoke Inhalation? The three major problems associated with inhaling smoke during a fire are: Heat damage to the tissues of the respiratory tract.Asphyxiation (when the body fails to get sufficient supplies of oxygen to the tissues. Inhaling smoke blocks the intake of oxygen in the lungs, and boosts levels of the gas carbon […]

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Vivienne Balonwu on September 8th, 2012

How Does Smoking Affect Health? Cigarette smoke contains about 4,000 different chemicals which can damage the cells and systems of the human body. These include at least 80 chemicals that can cause cancer (including tar, arsenic, benzene, cadmium and formaldehyde) nicotine (a highly addictive chemical which hooks a smoker into their habit) and hundreds of […]

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Vivienne Balonwu on August 4th, 2012

What Causes Nose Bleeds A nose bleed starts when blood vessels leak through the mucous membrane lining the inside of your nose. Being hit on the nose can set it off, as can a common cold, blowing the nose too hard, sinus problems or nose-picking. In rare cases, frequent or lengthy nose bleeds may be […]

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Vivienne Balonwu on July 13th, 2011

Cystic Fibrosis, What Is It? Cystic fibrosis (which is also known as mucoviscidosis) was first described in 1938. It is an inherited condition in which mucous producing glands throughout the body produce an abnormally thick and sticky form of mucous. Such glands are present in the lungs, the bowel and the testes. The thick mucous […]

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Vivienne Balonwu on March 13th, 2011

What is cystic fibrosis? Cystic fibrosis (CF) is an inherited condition affecting the glands that produce body fluids or secretions. In CF, these secretions are stickier and thicker than normal. This hinders the functioning of important organs, such as the lungs and digestive system. Causes of cystic fibrosis The exact cause of CF is a […]

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Vivienne Balonwu on March 9th, 2011

What Is Pneumothorax? The lungs are lined with a double layer of membrane (pleura) , the inner one covering the lung surface and the outer one covering the inside of the chest wall, separating them from the chest wall. If air gets between these two layers, into what is known as the pleural space, it’s […]

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Vivienne Balonwu on March 9th, 2011

What is COPD? COPD is the overall term used to describe a variety of illnesses, including chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic obstructive airways disease. People with COPD have permanently damaged lungs and find it difficult to breathe most of the time. COPD usually affects people over the age of 40. Approximately 900,000 people in the […]

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