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Monday, June 7

Take Time To Relax When Quitting Smoking

To Relax When Quitting Smoking
Relaxation is frequently overlooked when making lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking. It's an important part of the equation, however.

Many people think they have to "keep busy" when going smoke-free. They tend to pursue anything that involves continuous movement or distraction. These are certainly effective tools when navigating the quit process, but take caution that you don't hit burnout.

Lasting changes are done both internally and externally, meaning your outward behavior and inner thoughts match up to get you new results. Once you are no longer smoking, you may be using external substitutes and changing your routines to make the lifestyle transition. However, you also need to allow your inner world to keep up.

Let yourself be in the discomfort of change. Don't just rush past it or drive yourself so hard that you never really embody the changes you are making. Many people hit a threshold where they can't sustain the pace they are running to keep up with avoiding smoking. This can lead to relapse, or falling back into old, familiar habits.

In many cases what's really needed is a balance between activity and recovery. Plan activities for relaxation and rejuvenation. This occupies your time, your body and your mind just as much as "keeping busy," but it also gives you the space you need to process change on a deeper level.

Schedule in a long, hot bath, listening to quiet music, getting a massage or sitting in nature. Let your mind find a quiet place where you feel peaceful and calm in the midst of transition. Taking time for this level of relaxation and just being in the moment will help you make the inner paradigm shift to becoming a non-smoker for good.

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