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Thursday, March 10

Diabetes General Information

Diabetes Information
If your body isn't making any insulin, or isn't making enough, then your body can't convert blood sugar - glucose - into fuel for your body's cells. This condition is diabetes, and it's a growing problem in the UK.

About Diabetes

Find out about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of diabetes, the differences between type 1 and type 2 and whether you're at risk.

What Is Diabetes? - find out more about the different types.

A Patients Testimony On A Treatment For Diabetes Report;

Causes Of Diabetes - many myths exist about the cause

Symptoms Of Diabetes - from increased thirst to blurred vision.

Who's at risk from diabetes? - the number of people with diabetes is rising.

Living with diabetes - Having diabetes increases the risk of other health problems but there are lots of things you can do to minimise them, such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, attending regular check-ups and monitoring your sugar levels.

Diabetes self-monitoring and check-ups - regular checks can help you to remain in control.

Looking after yourself with diabetes - regular exercise and a healthy diet helps.

Diabetes and blood sugar levels - be alert to symptoms and keep your blood sugar stable.

Diabetes and related illnesses - minimise the risk of developing complications.

Gestational diabetes - pregnant women often exhibit no symptoms Diabetes treatment.

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